"Retainer" is basically a person who is available to you for advice. He is not required to put in daily attendance or observe any fixed working hours. He charges a Retainership fee for his services. In case, he is required to come and put in attendance or appear on your behalf before any authority/court etc., he charges you separately for such services. This however, depends upon the terms of his/her engagement as a 'Retainer'.


Advicelaw is a Full service Law Firm having its corporate office in New Delhi with partners and associates in all the main cities of the states of India. The major work of the Firm is civil as well as corporate legal work but the Firm has created a mark in servicing the individuals as well.


Today all business houses, Companies and professional require regular legal services on various issues on day today basis including consultation, issuing notices, responding to legal notices, responding to show cause notice from statutory authorities, drafting of contracts, vetting of contracts, amending the contracts, employment related issues, statutory compliances etc. However, when the works are entrusted with conventional law firms the cost of the services become very expensive. If the clients go to individual lawyers they do not get experts in different disciplines of law under one roof. Our endeavor is to bring experts from different fields of law under one roof and ensure best advice to the clients. Hence the Firm offers legal services to Business houses, Companies and professionals on prepaid retainer-ship basis. For more information click here.