Civil law

  • Firm has a very established practice in civil law at various forums such as district courts, DRTs, DRAT, MRTP Commission, Consumer Forums, various Tribunals, High courts and Supreme Court in Property related matters, recovery Disputes, Matrimonial disputes, Consumer Complaints.

Criminal law

  • Firm has an excellent track record of successfully handling criminal prosecution matters under various statutes such as Company Prosecution, Complaint Prosecutions, State prosecutions, Prosecutions under Section 138 of NI Act etc to name a few.

Arbitration & Conciliation

  • Firm is an avid provider of quality legal opinion on Arbitration matters, regularly represents individual and corporates before Arbitrators and various Courts.


  • The associates of the firm have appeared and argued in over 1000 matters in Delhi High Court , Punjab & Haryana High Court, High Court of Uttarakhand, Nainital,District Courts in Delhi.

The firm specialises in:

Constitutional Law

    • Filing of SLP & statutory Appeals, revision & review petitions before Supreme Court.
    • Opinion on matters involving substantial questions of law relating to interpretation of statutory provisions of various legislations as well as the constitutional provisions.
    • Filing & defending of Writ Petition before High Courts as well as before Supreme Court.
    • Preparation & presentation of consultative paper on subjects involving interpretation of various statutes & the constitution.

Criminal Law

    • Drafting & arguing on various categories of Criminal Complaints relating to offences under the Indian Penal Code & registration of FIRs U/S 156(3) CrPc.
    • Drafting and arguing on matters related to quashing and criminal appeals before the High Court.
    • Drafting and arguing on Bail & Anticipatory Bail.
    • Conducting criminal trial & defending cases .
    • Advising on pre-emptive measures to avoid penal consequences.

Civil Laws

    • Drafts & vet various categories of Contracts, agreements, MOU, MOA, AOA & other documents.
    • Prepares & file civil Suits, Appeals, Reviews & Revisions before various Courts, Tribunals, Boards etc. & defend them.
    • Drafts notices relating to recovery, injunction & declaration & securing information under various statutes.

Real Estate, Property related Laws.

    • Obtain various kinds of approval from Govt. authorities.
    • Advises on the compliance of various regulations under Local land Laws & regulations.
    • Prepare Search & Status report with respect to the Title of the property.
    • File & defend cases for contravention of Laws & regulations.
    • Drafts the property related documents.

Arbitration Laws

    • File petitions for referring disputes to arbitration, process claims and counter claims, take steps for enforcement of awards etc.
    • Give opinion on the issue of settlement of dispute by alternative dispute resolution mechanism.
    • Formulate the terms of the contract incorporating the arbitration clause.

Banking, Insurance, Leasing & Finance

    • Prepares the search & status reports.
    • File & defend the Recovery suits under Recovery of debts due to Banks & FI Act, 1993 & Securitisation Act, 2002.
    • File & defend cases under Negotiable instruments Act including in particular dishonour of cheque/Negotiable instruments.
    • Advises on the Legal Engineering aspects relating to the Banking/Insurance Laws.
    • Prepares the tailor-made lease, loan, and finance related documents.

M.R.T.P. & Consumer Law matters

    • Advises on the distinction as to the scope, ambit, nature, character etc. of consumer laws & question of competition in the trade & hence the significance of MRTP Laws/Competition Laws.
    • Draft the Trade related Agreements, Advertisements, Arrangements, Contracts, promotional schemes etc. so as to allay the fear of RTP, UTP etc.
    • File cases & defend them before the MRTP Commission, Consumer Forum.
    • Advises on the timely compliance of various formalities relating to trade behaviour.


    • Advises on & handles labour related Industrial disputes before the Labour Courts & Industrial Tribunals, EPFC, EPFAT as well as before the other adjudicating authorities, High Courts & the Supreme Court of India.
    • Advises on the conciliation proceedings before various statutory authorities & on various compliances under Industrial Laws & regulations.
    • Prepares the draft policies as to the nature & categories of labour force, both white collar as well as blue collar, in commensurate with the nature of industry to which the entity belongs.
    • Drafts the Employer-Employee agreements & looks into various aspects accruable from the contractual obligations in an industrial establishment to protect the interest of the industry & its proper functioning.
    • Periodical & comprehensive legal auditing on various aspects of industrial laws & to safeguard the interests of the clients from possible intricate industrial disputes.
    • Obtain approvals from various statutory authorities as well as from local authorities in relation to registration of Factories & exemption certificates etc.
  • We are providing services viz. legal opinion, advice with regard to mergers and acquisition, advice with regard to statutory compliance in respect of lay-off, retrenchment and closures under the provisions of Industrial disputes Act, 1947, and other compliances keeping in view relevant local laws and notification e.g. Factories Act, Shops & Establishments Act, Industrial Employment Standing Order Act, Employees' Provident Fund Act, Employees' State Insurance Act and the like. Advice on matters related to industrial relations, collective bargaining, engagement of contract labour, appointment of fixed term employment. We also assist in drafting as well as vetting all kinds of commercial agreement undertaken with third parties. We also draft pleadings and appear, represent and contest legal matters before Authorities, Labour Court, Industrial Tribunal, District Court, High Court, Supreme Court and other statutory forums.